Tony Liotta – Drummer & Percussionist

Tony Liotta – Drummer & Percussionist

Independent Drums & Percussion

Live/Studio | Composer | Producer | Author | Teacher | Vocal-Coach | Band-Coach | Music Director

Tony Liotta “Chief of Groove”

Tony Liotta is a unbelievable “Workaholic-Man”, passion drummer, lover of real-sounds and explorer in the world of rhythm. More than 35 years he beats himself consequently up to the top: “He focuses the fascination of drumming and rhythm that  way  u  get  a  Complete-Groove-Sound-Work-Tony  Liotta.”“Sticks”  (Magazine)

The critics compare him with Miles Davis and Santana. Liotta is one of the prestigious drummer in music business. “Marabo” (Magazine).

Liotta is not only tripping around the world, he is also the answer to Billy Cobham.
WR” (Newspaper)

He grew up in New York and New Orleans. He is active in music business nearly his whole lifetime. He began playing  the drums very young in the age of  three. Soon he realized that drumming was going to be his life. He learned his craft by the forefather of all drummers – Buddy Rich. His career began where others want to go: the first studio job of this multitalented musician was a album production with Young Generation in the age of ten. He played at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Hall. Meanwhile he himself is a legend standing for high quality.

He inspirited generations of musicians.

He is a legend in the studios as “the first take drummer”. His  album “Colours of Life” was called “a time document of the art of drumming” “Sticks” (Magazine) “Tony Liotta one of the world best drummer and percussionists” “Prinz” (Magazine). Always a  happening to hear this maniac. Tony Liotta is a seasoned and well- respected, live and studio drummer. He has worked with International Artists and Producers throughout the world, here some of them: legends like Rocky Roberts or Bernhard Purdie, also Kenny Aronoff, Zoro, Steve Smith, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, David Garflield, Omar Hakim, Akira Jimbo, Felix Sabal Lecco, John Blackwell, Emiliano Turi, Pierre Desfray, Paco Sery, Carmine Appice, Mike Campbell, Cindy Blackman, Walfredo Reyes, Thomas Lang, Mike Terrana, Pierre Belleville, Young Generation, Andra di Paoli, Remo Satori, Mark C. Walker, Andrea Tower Torricini, Mark Zonder, Richard Barbieri, Kevin Moor, Richard Barbieri, Dario Fochi, John C. Marshall, Chaka Khan, Gianna Nannini,  Michael Kratz, Enrico Santacatterina, Carlo Santacatterina, Carlo Cori, Christian Casini, John Hayes,  Stefan Heidtmann, Christian Bollmann, Luca Scansani, Paul Bernardoli, Jon Rosenau, Earl Slick, producer like Tony Brown, Franky Valentin, Eddie Oliwa, Andrea Fresu  a.m.a.o. TV Shows for: German ARD, WDR, VIVA, Onyx, BR, RTL; Italian RAI UNO, RAI DUE, Tele7, Tele5, MTV; Spanish TV; Venezuela TV; Austria TV; France TV a.m.a.o.


Liotta`s roots are founded in Jazz, but he has a natural gift of playing any kind of music. So his projects are very differently. World Music, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock,   R’N’B, Fusion, Latin…or for example Techno: In 2008 he released a techno project for the “Loveparade” the biggest Techno event in Germany (more then 1, 6 million people audience): with his “Song of Love”    Liotta    rocked    the    audience   as   “Drummaniac”    life    and    solo.

One of his newest enterprise Vivaldi Metal Project”. Tony Liotta is member of one of the thrilling music projects which was created in this millennium “Vivaldi Metal Project”.  It took more than 2 years of intensive non-stop hard work to get the album done. This album is full 74 minutes of intense, passionate, fascinating, powerful and majestic experience!

Liotta also got one of the best Pink Floyd Tribute Bands in Europe on Tour again 2019 Tony Liotta “Pink Floyd Project”

Liotta is also founder and organizer of the successful live – event: „Groove Attack“   lasting meanwhile ten years. Tony Liotta is doing Workshops for Drums and Percussion world-wide.

He released his DVD “Drum Energy” (Leu Verlag)  a standard rule not only for drummers but for the whole music business.

Tony Liotta was one of the founder and the head of the drum and percussion division of the “Glen Buschmann Jazz -Academy” and head of drum division at Jam – Academy in Cologne. He gives lessons in Universities and trains teachers. The „Tony Liotta Drumschool“   exists more than thirteen years and considers being one of the best in Europe. Now he became head of the Modern Music Institute  MMI Germany and Denmark.

TONY LIOTTA is in the families of many international companies. He endorses products for:

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