GrooveMaster XXL

GrooveMaster XXL

It’s huge – namely “XXL”

Groove Master ” XXL” is the name of the famous rock fusion trio to Tony Liotta and Santacatterina brothers. The two Bros. toured on international stages around the world, with Dizzy Gillespie, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Paul Bley, Raffaela Carra, Lee Konitz, Richard Galliano and much more. Druing the international Music Fair in Frankfurt (Germany 2009 )Enrico Santacatterina and Tony Liotta meet first and the musical spark immediately  jumped in and that  in “XXL”. One expresses interesting mix, as all three musicians see their musical roots in Jazz. The title, the trio interprets come along with their own arrangements and some own songs.

A bombastic sound with percussion influences. Singing the blues, soul voice of Enrico Santacatterina. Hammond sounds and solos by the great Carlo Santacatterina. The frame, groove and sounds of  “Chief of Groove” Tony Liotta . American Sound made by “XXL” stands for explosive American style made ​​in Europe and thrills the audience with an extraordinary sound of soul, funk, blues and rhythm and blues. The music of “XXL” is different: powerful, groovy and shaped by different influences she tears with her audience like no other in the European music scene.
With an irrepressible charge of adrenaline, the three-piece band around the singer and guitarist Enrico Santacatterina serves a unique mix. The sound of “XXL” has matured and shaped by decades of international experience on stage. That`s makes it individual and distinctive. Listeners it is hot. At least when frontman Enrico leaves the stage with his ” Music Man Sterling ” and dives into the audience. The energetic sound of   “XXL”and numerous notable performances gained a name throughout Europe.

Altogether, a great experience, with sensational orchestral sound. Meanwhile, one of the best international rock trio in the fusion area with singing. This Groove Master let you find out how the songs of Jim Hendriks , Miles Davis, The Beatles, Billy Cobham, John Coltraine , Stevie Wonder actually feel.

xxlEnrico Santacatterina
Guitar, Vocal

Carlo Santacatterina
Hammon, Keyboards

Tony Liotta
Drums, Percussion