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Short, short bio

Tony Liotta is a native Italian. Liotta was born in a family of artists. Maybe that explains he became a multitalent. Liotta grew up in New York and New Orleans - the heart of Jazz, right around the corner the legends of rhythm. Here he soaked up the southern music. Lucky Tony Liotta could learn from the pope of drumming itself, Buddy Rich. Buddy still is his great idol. In the age of three Tony Liotta began playing the drums and never stopped.

Short bio

Michael Kratz (Danish Millionseller and drummer): “Tony is that kind of drummer we want to be, or even better we want to play with! Tony Liotta shows how to do things right and help you to become a much better drummer.”

Drum Mag Italy: “I met Tony about five years ago, during an interview and the first thing that struck me was the humility of this great musician. Hearing him play I realized the full versatility of his approach on drum and percussion”.

Tony Liotta Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 by Euro Casting (Italy). Holder of the "German Rock Pop Prize 2018", category Best Cover Band and “German Rock Pop Prize 2020” category “Best Drummer”. His Single “Funky Donkey” received 2020 Gold Disc status. The press calls him the "Chief of Groove”. “Tony Liotta is not only a drummer...he is primarily a total music art work.” Sticks – drum journal Germany.

Liotta is also a gifted percussionist and Cajon player. He is one of the most diverse drummer of the music business. He got his first studio job, at the age of ten, a studio production for "Young Generation". Meanwhile he is well-known as a "First Take Drummer”.

The list other famous musicians he played or recorded with is long, here a few: Rocky Roberts, Bernhard Purdie, Kenny Arranoff, Gerald Albright, Kevin Moor, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, David Garfield, Zoro, Marc Walker, Steve Smith, Andrea De Paoli, Richard Barbieri, Dario Fochi, John C. Marshall (R.I.P.), Christian Casini, John Hayes, Andrea Piccioni, Christian Warburg, Tony Ricci, Michael Kratz, Omar Hakim, Felix Sabal Lecco, Greg Copeland, John Blackwell, Tony Esposito, Robert Lopez, Peter Fischer, Carmine Appice, Riccardo Rebughini, Mike Campbell, Chris Henry Samentina, Berkant Çakici, Paul Bernardoli, Cindy Blackman, Peter Maffay, Thomas Lang, Stefan Heidtmann, Christian Bollmann, Carlo Cori (R.I.P.), Jon Rosenau, Earl Slick a.m.o.m. Producer like Tony Brown, Franky Valentin, Eddie Oliwa, Siggi Bemm a.m.o.m.

Setup 2021

Respighi Blue Alder Signature Drumset and Paiste Cymbals

HH pstx 10“
HH twenty series 15“
Mini China 8“10“12“twenty series
Splash 8“ signature
Splash 10“ twenty series
Splash 6“ signature
2002 bell Accent 4“ 2x
Splash twenty series 8“
Chine twenty series chine thin 16“
PST Swiss flanger Crash 14“
PST Swiss thin Crash 16“
Alpha thin Swiss Crash 18“
Twenty series crash 17“
Twenty series thin Crash 18“
Twenty series thin Crash 16“
Dark energy Ride 22“
Master swish 22“
HH Giant Beat 16“ sound edge prototype

Respighi Black Limba Signature and Paiste Cymbals

Formula 60Z Modern essentials
HH micro HAT 10“
HH 14“+ HH 15“
22“ Ride
20“ Crash
18“ Crash
16“ Crash
22“ Chine
10“ Splash
8“ Splash
Prototype Chine Zizhe 16“
Twenty Sweet Ride Bluebird 20“






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Tony Liotta is official partner of Jochen Schweizer

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