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Tony Liotta is a native Italian. Liotta was born in a family of artists. Maybe that explains he became a multitalent. Liotta grew up in New York and New Orleans - the heart of Jazz, right around the corner the legends of rhythm. Here he soaked up the southern music. Lucky Tony Liotta could learn from the pope of drumming itself, Buddy Rich. Buddy still is his great idol. In the age of three Tony Liotta began playing the drums and never stopped.

Setup 2020

Respighi Blue Alder Signature Drumset and Paiste Cymbals

HH pstx 10“
HH twenty series 15“
Mini China 8“10“12“twenty series
Splash 8“ signature
Splash 10“ twenty series
Splash 6“ signature
2002 bell Accent 4“ 2x
Splash twenty series 8“
Chine twenty series chine thin 16“
PST Swiss flanger Crash 14“
PST Swiss thin Crash 16“
Alpha thin Swiss Crash 18“
Twenty series crash 17“
Twenty series thin Crash 18“
Twenty series thin Crash 16“
Dark energy Ride 22“
Master swish 22“
HH Giant Beat 16“ sound edge prototype

Respighi Black Limba Signature and Paiste Cymbals

Formula 60Z Modern essentials
HH micro HAT 10“
HH 14“+ HH 15“
22“ Ride
20“ Crash
18“ Crash
16“ Crash
22“ Chine
10“ Splash
8“ Splash
Prototype Chine Zizhe 16“
Twenty Sweet Ride Bluebird 20“




All courses and workshops are valued as creative and live affirming in every work with music and every age group.
„Tony Liotta Drumschool“ exists more than forthy years and is considered one of the best in Europe.
Working with children, adolescents, adults and disabled people.
Great experience in the field of working with drug addicts.
Part of „Freizeit Hand in Hand“ ("Leisure time hand in hand").
Liotta works with his own learning concept.
All ages – beginners and advanced - any style of music.
All Masterclasses are specifically tailored to your professionael activities and lifestyles.
Preparation for the admission examen at the universities and accompanying tutorial.
Stage - & Audition Coaching for singer and bands.
Our programs are flexible and can be combined for delivery at any level of knowledge.
Lessons can be in German English or Italian.
Start any time. Appointments by arrangement.

some credits

Liotta was head of the Drum and Percussion Departments of "Jam Academy" Cologne. Tony Liotta is the co-founder of "Glen Buschmann Jazz Academy" Dortmund. There he was director and auditor of the drum and percussion department for many years. Liotta teaches in schools and universities. He trains teachers and gives workshops worldwide.

DVD “Drum Energy - about music”

Tony Liotta released his Learning DVD “Drum Energy “ at LEU Verlag. It gives a great insight into to the world of drumming, and also behind the scence.

Cheer up, you too have the rhythm in your blood!

In this drum workshop, you don't spend too much time with notes or theory, but rather hit the ground running. Your coach is an experienced drumming professional who will teach you the most important tips and tricks in no time. You will see that even as a complete beginner you can learn to play your own favorite songs quikly. Surprisingly fast you will be able to implement or even record a cool groove to the music. You are sure to find what you are looking for in the vast archive of well-known songs as play-along versions.

Learn to play your favorite songs while playing and earn your drum roll!


Tony Liotta Cajon Workshop

Art, especially music, heals people. In our public life, art is largely dead after the Corona Lockdown.

This workshop aims to help revive the art of music.

Power, originality, free mind, regeneration, community, encouragement are the keywords here.

Tony Liotta Drumschool organizes several cajon workshops for new vitality, for life and more energy. For participants of different age groups. For children in need, for pupils from the age of 15 in cooperation with committed music associations and schools. And workshops for interested adults. The instruments used can be bongos, cajons, conga, djembe, shakers, timbales, tambourines, frame drums, and of course drums.

Anyone who owns an instrument, can bring it with them.

The dates will be announced as soon as meetings with more than two households are allowed again.

New Trio “CML”

Greg Copeland, William Marino, Tony Liotta
started a new Blues & Jazz Trio.
Album production planed. US/ GB / Germany

Tony Liotta Pink Floyd Project

One of the most remarkable Pink Floyd formations in Europe. (Presscritics german tour 2019)

The special, "TL-PFP" is completely different from all other Pink Floyd bands. Celebrated band, with handmade sounds. NO playback, real music, played live. All-rounder drummer, percussionist and bandleader Tony Liotta: "I'm not ashamed to say that the last few concerts have been overwhelming. We wanted to create a deep sound while following the original songs. I think the result speaks for itselfs" . "TL-PFP" is about using the full potential to recognize your own as a musician, but also the possibilities of the songs. It's about exploring what's more in the legendary pieces and how you can interpret it.

An international band, they unite Denmark, Italy, USA and Germany. The six artists always leave a lasting impression in the genre. Great musicians. Among them, award-winning Tony Liotta, Livetime Achievement Award, Andrea De Paoli - Metal Hammer Award. Ricardo Rebughini (Helena Hellwig), Morgan De Virgilis, star of the international metal band Materdea. On the saxophone the wonderful Ole Visby (Dave Douglas) and great Jörg Küpper vocals.

A definite Pink Floyd experience.


"Master of the Art of Riding" Marius Schneider and "Chief of Groove" Tony Liotta brought their joined project MaTo`s into the arena and on stage. "Dog and Horse" convention in the „Westfalenhalle“ Dortmund.

Rhythm is what connects the two professionals. Both are exceptional talent in their art. The harmony between sounds, groove and the nature of horses, that's what this is all about. Horsemanship and music. Perfectly coordinated. Marius Schneider directs his horse with wonderful ease, while Tony Liotta drums the common rhythm, all three merge into an impressive unity of skill, rhythm, style and emotion.

A new experience of horsemanship as well as music. The beating of the hooves is the beating of the drums, the rhythm of the ride is reflected in the music. It is impossible to say who is setting the pace here. The rider, the musician or the horse. The audience was amazed and enthusiastic about this highly emotional, touching show.

Groove Attack

was founded over thirteen years ago, by Tony Liotta and cr communication. A privately financed, international cultural project. With passion and pleasure they organizesed these concert series. As world famous drummer and percussionist, his contacts made it possible to bring other highclass professionall musicans on stage.

For his international concert series in the Club Atmosphere, Liotta brought top-class musicians with international reputation live on stage. What began in a basement has now toured in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and also in Denmark. "Groove Attack", that was for example John C. Marshall (Ray Charles), John Hayes (Mother`s Finest), Paul Bernardoli (Status QuoPaul McCartney), Markus Scheltinga (Cyndi Lauper), Andrea De Paoli (Dreamtheatre), Laura Majala (Buena Vista Social Club), Denis Hormes (DJ Bobo), UFO Walter (Santana), Frank Kirchner (Grönemeyer) a.m.o.m. Groove Attack is where famous sidemen can shine with their own interpretations and solos to inspire the audience.” With of course, always Tony Liotta on drums 0r / and percussion. "Liotta is not only a globetrotter, but also Germany's answer to Billy Cobham ..." (

Michael Kratz

He became famous with the Danish band "Kandis". Kandis has released 12 albums so far, each selling over a million CDs. Every single album has gold and platinum status. Tony Liotta drums on the Dane's album "Michael Kratz & The Lonley Soldiers".

Michael Kratz has put together an illustrious band for his CD, quasi the high society of the music business. The US-Americans Michael Landau and David Garfield are probably the most sought-after side men worldwide. Michael Landau, guitarist, has worked on albums by Jennifer Lopez, Seal, Anastacia, Christina Aguilera, Celin Dion, Madonna, Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey, among others. David Garfied, Keys, first stands for "Toto". Garfield toured with Aerosmith and Peter Gabriel, played for George Benson, Don Henley, Van Halen, Michael McDonald and many more. Also there is the great Steve Lukather. Now heard on over 1000 recordings for musicians such as Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker..In total, he can be heard on more than 500 million records sold. Drums and percussion from "Chief of Groove" Tony Liotta.

Michael Kratz “Tony is that kind of drummer we want to be, or even better we want to play with! Tony Liotta shows how to do things right and help you to become a much better drummer.”

Vivaldi Metal Project

The project is a symphonic metal opera based on Antonio Vivaldi's baroque masterpiece "The Four Seasons", more than 130 amazing metal and classical artists, orchestras, a string quartet and three choirs from around the world. The album contains 14 tracks - from Antonio Vivaldi's original score plus two original new songs written by MISTHERIA. The impressive list of artists makes this album probably the greatest all-star project of all time! A work of 10 famous arrangers together with the initiator of the project: MISTHERIA, they created epic and unforgettable music. A standard metal band formation with strings, choir and orchestra arranged by: Douglas R. Docker, Franc Dall'O ', Frank Caruso, Gabriels, Keiko Kumagai, Nicolas Waldo, Pawel Penksa, Tomas Varnagiris, Yannis Androulakakis and Zhivko Koev . Three years of production. The response has been overwhelming. Tony Liotta carries this mega production as the one and only percussionist.

Chaos Venture 1.0

The album is a journey between space and time. Composed and played by Christian Casini and Andrea De Paoli - keyboardists for metal bands such as Labyrinth, Shadows Of Steel, Vision Divine. On demand composer and producer. In his studio he has worked with bands like Delirium, a “progressive” rock band from Italy known through songs like Jesahel. (10 million sold CDs of “La Dolce Acqua”)

Ratko Delorko Tony Liotta Gershwin Projekt

Together with contemporary pianist, Ratko Deloro the „Gershwin Project“ for piano and drums and percussion was created. An exceptional constellation. Ratko Deloro – unconventional independent conductor and solo pianist, guest in philharmonics worldwide. He teaches at the Academy of Music and Theatre, Frankfurt. Numerous performances in the big concert halls like Berliner Philharmonie, Tonhalle, Alte Oper Frankfurt and the worlds most important capitals of music like London, Rome, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi, Buenos Aires and much more.

Modern Music Institute


Modern Music International was founded in Italy by Alexander Stornello. Stornello is a veteran of the music business and a famous guitarist.

MMI is his private University, a franchise system with representatives in almost all of Europe. In 2018, Stornello also founded a department in the USA.

Depending on the location, lessons on the instruments drums, guitar, bass, piano and keyboard, as well as singing lessons are offered. The franchisees are managers of their own branch. There are high demands on the teachers. Only succsessfully professional musicians are allowed to represent MMI. MMI publishes its own textbooks. T

The MMI has been operated throughout Germany since 2017 by international drummer and percussionist Tony Liotta. Modern Music International Germany, with its headquarter in Dortmund.

Alexander Stornello, founder of MMI

Currently specializing in drum and percussion lessons. It is a dual course of study with a high degree of practical relevance, in addition to the instrument itself, areas such as: live and on tour, studio production, stage presence, band training, PA technology are part of the courses. The final exams always will be by Alexander Stornello and other professional musicians.

The one-year course leading to the MMI certificate.

The three-year course leading to the MMI diploma.

For more information please contact us.


Liotta Coaching

music is your passion? we feel the same way.

In our lifelong learning in the music business, we have learned a lot about the music, about ourselves and about the business as it is. We bundle decades of experience. We share our knowledge with you so that you can find your way into your career in the music business and maybe to yourself.

We coach you:

Acting Drums | Acting Percussion | Acting Voice | Music and Sound | Recording | Stage Presence | Fit for the Stage | Image and Outfit | Photo and Video | Management and Communication

What blocks you ?

That means we work with a holistic approach.

So we offer you many enriching things more, which just don't seem to belong together. You will be amazed how everything comes together. Stay curious and ask us whatever your problem is.

We look forward to accompanying you on your way.



Tony Liotta`s Studio

Recording and Mixing and Mastering

On more than 100 m² recording room with daylight, it offers all the comforts for effective and relaxed work. The field of activity primarily includes music productions as well as all types of recordings, composing, arrangements, mixing and mastering. Also we are connected with an digital lable.

The studio is located in Dortmund Aplerbeck. Numerous takeaways, restaurants, hotels as well as direct bus and subway connections are in the immediate vicinity.

We working in any musical genre in our studio.

As a small but ambitious team of sound engineers, producer and composer. We are happy to help you to realize your vision.



Liotta was born in Italy, but he spent the first years of his life in the USA. He refers to New York, and New Orleans as home. Nowadays he lives in Germany. The press calls him the "German answer to Billy Cobham" or compares him with Miles Davis and Santana. Liotta`s groove remains unmistakable and and especially American.

He plays on countless albums, released five CD`s himself, which testify his great musicality. The Drum magazine Sticks called his album “Colours of life” a “contemporary document of the art of drumming”. Queen Elisabeth of England thanked him for this music.

The song „funky donkey“ by Tony Liotta and Andrea De Paoli got gold status.

Some current credits:

Label: Saar Records: Tony Riggi: "Quanto mare attraversare" feat. Tony Liotta
Arrangements Rhythm Section Tony Esposito und Tony Liotta. 2020
Label: BM Records: CD - Michael Kratz “Live your Life”
Lable: BM Records: Video - Michael Kratz “Live your Live”
Itunes: Tony Liotta spielt auf der aktuellen Single "Sweet Past Time" von Paul Bernardoli. Ein Pop-Rock-Projekt mit Tony Liotta und Gerald Albright am Bass (Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder).
Lable: Ausr Digital: Tony Liotta “Funky Donky”
Lable: Ausr Digital: Tony Liotta „Hot Potato“
Lable: Ausr Digital: Tony Liotta “Colours of Life”
Lable: Ausr Digital: Tony Liotta “Men at Jazz”
Lable: Ausr Digital: Tony Liotta “Human Steps”
Lable: LEU Verlag: Tony Liotta Lern-DVD „Drum Energy - all about music“



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